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What to expect from ClearView Retina and our policies on how we collaborate for your care

Our HIPAA Policy

Protecting the privacy of our patients is a top priority at ClearView Retina. We are committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of your health information, and are required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA is a federal law that sets national standards for the privacy of individually identifiable health information.

HIPAA ensures that your protected health information (PHI) remains confidential and secure. This includes information such as your medical history, test results, and other personal details.

We take your privacy seriously and we will only use your health information for the purposes for which you have authorized us to do so. We will not share your health information with anyone without your permission, except as required by law or as authorized by you.

Our practice is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security when it comes to your PHI. We use secure technology to store and transmit your information, and our staff undergoes regular training to ensure they are up-to-date on HIPAA regulations.

We have implemented a number of security measures to protect your health information. These measures include:

  • Using secure servers and firewalls
  • Encrypting your health information
  • Restricting access to your health information to authorized personnel
  • Training our staff on HIPAA compliance

If you have any questions or concerns about our HIPAA policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to support you and your health journey. 

For more information, see hhs.gov

Clearview Retina Medical Care in New York

Our Financial Policy

Insurance and Insurance Collection
Insurance reimbursement can be a long and difficult process for the office. Please bring all insurance cards to every appointment, and notify the staff if there have been any changes in your policy(s).

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans
If you have Medicare as your primary insurance, we will also bill your secondary payer. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you must provide the appropriate insurance card along with your traditional Medicare card. You are responsible for your annual deductible (if not already met) and 20% coinsurance.

Medicare Patients Residing in a Rehab or Skilled Nursing Facility
Patients temporarily or permanently residing in a rehab or skilled nursing facility often have restrictions on services approved for payment in physician offices. It is critical that you let our office staff know this information and have the facility information available even if the reason for the stay is unrelated to your eye condition. Prior authorization needs to be obtained for any services provided to you in our office while you are staying in one of these facilities. Lack of prior notification could result in the patient being responsible for the balance.

HMO Plans
All co-pays must be paid at each visit. You are responsible for getting proper referral information and authorizations in advance of your appointment. It is the patient’s responsibility to verify with the insurance company that the physician is an in-network provider for your insurance plan. You will be responsible for payment for services denied by your HMO for lack of referral and/or pre-authorization.

PPO Plans
We accept the discounted rate from your plan. All co-insurances and deductibles are your responsibility. Co-payments, Co-insurance, and Patient Deductibles All co-payments, deductibles, share of costs and co-insurances are due at the time of service. Your insurance company deducts this from payments automatically.

Financial Assistance for Injectable Medications
Due to the high cost of ophthalmic injectable medications, we ask that you investigate your insurance to better understand your benefits and determine whether that insurance coverage is suitable for your current situation. We also ask that you follow through with the available Patient Assistance Programs to minimize your potential cost for these expensive medications. We will do our best to assist you with any part of this process and are committed to helping you determine your eligibility for these programs. Our office staff can facilitate providing you with the appropriate forms to complete for these assistance programs. It is your responsibility to follow up to ensure timely submission. Ultimately, you will be responsible for any costs not covered by your insurance or by the drug assistance programs.

No Insurance
Patients without health insurance are expected to pay in full at the time of the service. This includes all office visits, tests, injections, and surgical procedures.

About your Information
It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes in your insurance coverage. Insurance claims denied because you did not provide current and correct information will be due and payable by you. We require that you update your address, telephone, and employer information with us whenever there is a change. We are not responsible for delinquent accounts due to lack of receipt of statements or other correspondences. Notices are assumed to be acceptable if they are returned as unclaimed, forwarding order expired, or otherwise undeliverable.

Form Completion and Record Copying
Additional fees may be charged for form completion, including disability forms, etc. Fees vary depending on the complexity of the forms. Fees for copies of medical records will be in accordance with the New York State Law.

Forms of Payment

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